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printing ads

Printing ads
Layout design for Brochure / Advertising camapaign

mono japanese lifestyle shop


MONO is the project of the corporation between Japanese chamber of commerce and Thai government created the new international market for Japanese craftsmanship products from each province in Japan. Shop philosophy of life style and food products based on the concept of “The Design and Inovation for your HAPPINESS Life Style”.

DATE : November, 2013

anngle web community sales brochure

Layout design & contents

Anngle is the web community for Japanese & Thai culture contents provider, Operated by team Japanese & Thai writer based on Bangkok. They published their contents on website and build the new style of community in difference angle.

DATE : APRIL, 2013

one day with gpl ads campaign

GPL USE campaign advertising, florence

“One Day with GPL” = The project which planned to convince consumer to know more about the benefits of using GPL gas in one day that could guide the consumer to know what they can do and get the benefit from using GPL.
Design works on Campaign concept, Promotion kits (Poster, Freebie goods etc.)
Special Campaign and Event day with
• Original Logo “One day with GPL” = “Una Giornata con GPL”
• Original Mascot “Mr.GPL”, Original Illustrations.
• Original Gift (Free Gift and Gadgets) with logo and mascot.
• Create booths for the event.(Panel display and Medium or Large size of the exhibition.)
• Create Brochure and Poster for the campaign.

DATE : february, 2012

jazz | wine | Firenze ADS CAMPAIGN



The project of Music’s event advertising aimed to the concept of created the new event of “JAZZ MUSIC” and “WINE EVENT” combined together in one event which sponsored by “WINETOWN ITALY”.

The client, WINETOWN ITALY already launching “WINETOWN” event every year in the center of Florence. WINETOWN event is the event that created for “WINE LOVER” who can enjoy live music while having and buy the most favorite choice of Tuscany’s wine. In Wine town event consumer can purchase their favorite wine with pre-paid “WINE CARD” and enjoy live music in each stage in city of Florence.

The concept of this project will re-new the existing event “WINETOWN” to new style which mixed and focus on just only “JAZZ MUSIC” and “WINE”. The event will be extend the period of event longer as 1 week (usually the event helding just 3 days / year). And changed the name of event to “JAZZ | WINE | FIRENZE” sponsored by WINETOWN.

The design concept of this event advertising is related to the concept and the mood of “JAZZ” as the main concept and the mood of location, “FLORENCE”.

Therefore, The conclusion of the concept will using the emotion of “Old Style” of Graphic but still “Timeless” that linked to the present time with moden logo design from the title letter of event’s name “J” and “W” which meant to “JAZZ” and “WINE”

DATE : october, 2011