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Packaging Design

Packaging design
Concept / Mock-up for Various kinds of products.

lulu&Jasper perfume packaging

packaging & Advertising (idea MOCKUP)

Design a package for a Perfume Bottle by glass material, 

which got the based of the inspiration from my ‘favorite things’ mood boad composed with my favorite ‘Sensation’, ‘Fashion Brand’, ‘Color’, ‘Music’, ‘Taste’ and ‘Smell’ from the inspiration of mood board resulted to the concept of new packaging design of perfume follows to

the keywords, which came from all kinds of favorite things as

SMELL the smell in my mood board have 2 kinds of smell  
• FRESH SMELL :  Fresh seabreeze + Lime + Green Tea’ 
• SWEET SMELL :  Sweet Caramel + Honey + Chocolate

From those 2 kinds of favorite smell I brought the inspiration of smell linked to the inspiration of making ‘2 kinds of Smell in 1 bottle’ for Fashion Brand ‘MARNI’. The concept of making perfume packaging design from 2 keywords above linked to created the packaging of 2 smell in the character of ‘MARNI’ brand. The characteristic of ‘MARNI’ brand have the key words  

“VINTAGE, FUNKY, CHIC” And from 2 smells concept brought me to the inspiration of “COUPLE”. What’s linked the key words of “VINTAGE” and “COUPLE” be together? From above question, brought me to the inspiration of ‘KISS’ scence in vintage film. Therefore, the finalized of design concept for pefume packaing design is "THE VINTAGE ROMANCE" FRAGRANCE DESIGN FOR MARNI.




Packaging Design for Busy Student and Work hard people. Who wants to complete everything quickly as they want. Not only staring as“Easy food” but also can be helpful for emergency situation, Such as the earthquake or floods crisis, Instant Food always need for those kinds of situations.

The packaging combined with dried pasta which has structer of production like instant noodle. The cooking instruction for make the pasta is easy for the person who is lazy to cook, just put hot water in can and put in the microwave 3 minutes, All sauce and pasta are ready for eat in anytime, anywhere.

The pasta which chooiced to create to new line’s products of “Barilla” for target consumers are 

1. Carbonara Pasta
2. Pesto Genovese Pasta
3. Tuscana Sauce Pasta

The most favorite dishes that matched to the target’s group around 15-25 ages.
* For the begining of this project gave the example of graphic design on packaging only selected product “CARBONARA PASTA”


P.L.F.D for ipad play | learn | fun | dream

plastic packaging design (IDEA MOCKUP)


The packaging design aimed to new generation kids with the concept of learning with the imagination and environment friendly. By purchasing apple ipad the packaging which selling with the product be able to reuse and decoration to your own ipad case after bought the product.

From the key word of “Environment Friendly”, Break down to the concept that created the packaging with Plastic Material by “REUSEABLE” as key concept of this product.

By create the “REUSE” packaging,

The material which selected for the packaging design should be thicker and strong enough to use in several time.The cost for purchase might be more expensive than the normal packaging.Therefore, for the propse of selling this product with packaging should be selling with the campaign and event for promote and educate consumer to know about how they can get the value from the product and packaging by pay once and reuse it for they children.

Not only be able to “REUSE” but also “FUN” and “PLAYABLE”. Therefore, The second key concept of this packaging has created as below, “REUSE”, “PLAYABLE”+”EDUCATION”. The main user, Kids can play with the packaging by create their own style of their creativity skill. 

DATE : september, 2012

salvita pure nature products


This project was designed for applied the competition of italian beverage company “STERILGARDA” to produced the umbrella brand for new line products which have 3 products of beverage as 

1) Natural Juice
2) Non added sugar Juice
3) Fuctional tea

Under the theme of “Wellness” product, Wellness is a healthy life; a healthy way of living that starts from the food intake. 

for targets as
• Women, between 25 and 54 years;
• Young families and singles;
• Children/Kids.

The new product line will also be environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable, because the paper used for packaging comes from responsibly managed forests, certified by FSC – Forest Stewardship Council, which issues an eco-label, in addition to being recyclable. This pack will be made by industry leader Tetra Pak.

DATE : April, 2012