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This is the one of the logo design project which made for momy business owner, khun Preum from Thailand who own 2 kinds of difference businesses. One is “Food and Snack” trading and the second one is “Yoga Studio” business for healthy and sporty person, almost of the product is for Yoga’s wear in the beging period.
This logo design concept was collected the direction and key words of design from “The Multi Funtion of The Potential to create the multi business opportunities”.

Therefore, “Multi Business” has replaced the meaning by “Multi Color” and to create the “Potential” in the future, “Mood and Tone” of this project should created by “Colorful” style to catch the feeling of “Active” and “Positive” like “Growing up the Business” as trader. Merged to the alphabet of brand naming as “I” and “T”, Infinity Trade company combined with “Infinity” mark.