alisha visual design
Let Visual speak for your brand.

Design Service


Transform your
Brand to Visual Languages.

Many clients want to maintain their business with
the good looking image, But somehow they don't know how to transfer their service to a good picture.

My important 3 keys of working process are,
Start from scratch the idea, Explore your brand's identity, Sketches are importance than anything.
Then the find out the way of communication for your brand in visual.

I believed to the "Creativity" of visual design can solve the problem of the communication. A lot of entrepreneur known about how to sell the service or product. 
But they don't know how to represent their works = their brand to be good looking as it should be.
And let the people know clearly about their works within 3 minutes.
That's why, I'M HERE FOR YOU.



Scratch and find out the core-identity of each brand and concept, solid to the right direction.
Full-filled with the playful and creativity of design applied to the unique way of design approach.

  • Branding concept / Corporate Identity Design (Signature Logo, Pattern, Symbol etc.)
    Scratch from the marketing concept linked to Corporate & Visual Identity concept making and design all elements artwork included brand's guideline (or brand's manual).
    Start from 1,000 - 1,500 US$

  • Advertising both Printing & Digital Campaign Promotion, Artwork poster etc. & Sales tool, Sales kits production.
    Start from 150 - 700 US$

  • Editorial Design both Printing & Digital Magazine, Book, Brochure concept & layout design.
    Start from 500 US$

  • Packaging Design Create concept & artwork for all types of packaging.
    Start from 500 US$

  • Illustration & Character Design Book or Magazine cover and layout, Use in various types.
    Start from 200 US$

  • Web / Mobile Application Design UI / UX design for simplified user experience plus creative & smart application design.
    Start from 700 US$


  • Small to Middle type of business owners who need to shape their idea of business branding & visualised as the professional style.

  • Creative people, Copy writers, Illustrators, Photographers, Motion & CG creators and more.

  • Digital people, Web / Application developers, Startup business founders.