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Brand's Storyteller, Visual Communication Designer.

Good design can live without the explanation,
Because you no need to find the reason that
Why you love it.
— Alisha Paturiyavet, 2012



I started to draw since, I'm 5 years old and continue to draw until I'm 18 years old. At that time I set the question to myself that do I want to draw on my way, Or create something new to improve the solution and solve the problem.

The answer is "Yes", I want to create something new to make a lot of things get better. The solution brought me to Graphic & Visual communications path. 
Started from Tokyo, Japan to Europe, Italy. Where inspired me about how to create the minimalistic way, yet the most effective solution. And connected to the difference side of the world to the most chilling city, Florence, Italy. Explored the world of Europe in many countries for culture and the way they connect the process thinking of design.



5 years experienced in Tokyo, Japan
In Japan, With the experiences of work and study. I saw a lot of the way that Japanese use visual and brand mindset to promote each product. And how to contribute the story of brand and connected the value in the new way. The manner of business process in Japanese way made me realized in the every single details are mean to everything insight the Japanese culture.

Another almost 2 years experienced in Florence, Italy
In Italy, Connected one and half year of studied B.A. of Visual communication design.
I explored their bold and the way to not limited their creativities go above the limitation of the border line.
The way to approach the product, The way to let the emotional goes break through the design thinking process.

Now, In Bangkok just startup to full-time freelance
I still keep thriving on design industrial and recently shifting to a full-time job in a digital agency to the real full-time Freelance as a Brand Creator for Small to Medium Business, Including Startup company not only in Thailand but welcoming client from all over the world connection globally.
As a freelance work, I have a lot of passion on food and design that I trying to combine it together in one project and help small business of food entrepreneur tweak their good visualized on their business. 
On the another hands, After experienced a lot of places, I still keeps explore to the place I had never been.
Cooking more healthy foods and playing with my fatty lovely cats.

Hope you interesting in my lifestyle, Cheers! 

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Yes! Definitely! Very Welcome to work with various languages, Thai, English and Japanese!
I realised that the potential of brand developing in Thailand still need someone or the organisation help a lot of small business entrepreneur to success in the communication of the visualisation.
I willing to help the small to the middle size of business owner represent their brand or improve their visual communications in the most effective way.

Do you have an idea of the project on your mind?
Please feel free to check out my Portfolio to see how possibility that we could make it happen together.

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