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Brand's Storyteller, Visual Communication Designer.

Good design can live
Without an explanation
Because you don’t need to find
The reason
Why you love it
— Alisha Paturiyavet, 2012




I started to draw when I was 5 years old and I continued to draw until I was 18 years old. At that time when I was 18 years old, I asked myself a question!

Do I want to draw or do I want to create something new to improve the solution and solve the problem?

The answer was “I want to create something new to improve the solution and solve the problem.” The answer took me on the path of Graphic & Visual communications path. This path took me to Tokyo, Japan and to Italy, Europe, Where I was inspired with the minimalistic way. Yet the most effective solution. Situated on a different continent on the other side of the world, Florence, Italy. A vividly stunning city, I explored the world of Europe and its different cultures and the way the cultures influence the process of design thinking.




Five years’ experience in Tokyo, Japan.
I gained my experiences through living, studying and working in Japan. I saw many ways of how the Japanese use Branding Mindset and visuals to promote each product, and how to contribute to the story of a brand and connect to the value in a new way. The manner of their business process and protocol made me realize that every single detail has its own place within Japanese culture.

Two years’ experience in Florence, Italy.
In Italy, I completed my B.A. in Visual Communication Design.

I explored their bold and intuitive way on not limiting themselves in their creativeness,
and to go above previous limitations and break the borders of the impossible.

The way they approach the product, the way they use their emotions to break through, and evolve on the already perfect design thinking process is truly inspiring. I too try to use their way in my design thinking process rather than following the standard design thinking process. I truly think that thinking out the box and breaking the mold brings greatness.

Now, back in Bangkok. I’ve decided to become a full-time freelance designer.
Still thriving on the design industry. I recently shifted from a full-time position in a digital agency to becoming a full-time freelance Brand Creator to SMEs, and including Startup companies. I cater not just only companies in Thailand, but I also cater to and welcome international companies, clients as well.

As a freelancer, I’m passionate about food and design. I try to combine these two passions to help small culinary businesses and food entrepreneurs to tweak and improve their visuals.

After experiencing all that I have from where I’ve been, I still keep true to myself by exploring new places and gaining more invaluable experiences and skills.

Hope you interested in my thoughts & passions, Cheers! 

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YES! In a word, we should. I’m fluent in English, Japanese and Thai. I realize that the potential of brand development is highly influential,
and many SMEs still need someone to guide and develop their visuals be it SMEs internationally or here in Thailand.
So, I try improve and help them succeed with their communication visualizations in the most effective and bespoke way.

Do you have an idea or a project on your mind? Let me unravel that idea and make it into something physical and special, or let me improve and make that project perfect.
Please feel free to check out my portfolio and see how we can make it happen together.

Turning ideas into a reality of Visual Languages.

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